Active climate protection

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… or the long overdue “utilization” of the climate change

It is very depressing to get all those gloomy reports about climate change and its consequences. It looks so futile and discouraging, and we know that no one will change their lifestyle (who should start?). Everything is focused on CO2-reduction as well as heat-reduction, at the same time we know this is not possible (and it will not be enough for “rescuing” our climate) – we all know it. Paralyzed we are looking at the shocking reports as 2016 being the warmest year ever, no it was 2017 – and about 2018 we will soon say: It was the warmest year ever.

It is embarrassing and sad that we have only become aware and active of climate protection since we know our habitats are being scaled down by the rising sea level (although we have been aware of the global warming for 60 years) – only since we know that our houses (near the sea) soon will be under water, we are becoming active (this is pathetic). But even more embarrassing is that we describe earth warming (man made or not) as a “catastrophe” – as if we were helpless. Where is our courage, our transformational spirit and our visions? Of course, it´s a disaster (very critical), but we have always found solutions for all kinds of problems – please let us focus on solutions.

Since long we could say: Wow, great! The earth temperature is rising and rising every year, so let us finally recognize and call this global warming a “VALUABLE COMMODITY” and let us USE this heat and transform it into WATER (with the CC-air-well-system) – and as a side effect we are cooling down our world climate.

The realization of the flying discus will reduce CO2 pollution – and the realization of the CC-air-well-system will reduce CO2 pollution AND will active cool down our climate (and everyone can maintain their lifestyle – we cannot expect people to change their lifestyle, this is impossible), yet more important the flying discus and the CC-air-well-system will bring back HOPE instead of pessimism, which only leads to paralysis and thus to even more ignorance.

All we need now is HOPE – and the knowledge there is a solution. Yes, the leading world powers may continue their ways of ignorance; we will (with the CC-air-well-system) transform HEAT into WATER and consequently cool down our Climate. Simply, we don´t have time to wait for governments and presidents approval – it’s too late. We common people must act NOW – and “yes we can”. We don’t need Politicians or Government actions to protect our climate! We do not even have to persuade anyone to make new laws. We don’t need their approval. We simply can turn around and say: “Governments do what you want – we will transform your rubbish into something valuable”.

It is useless to say: “Let ́s take action“, because this includes waiting for the understanding and action of others (but the others are also waiting for the others…). So many have said this statement but have not acted on it. I don’t believe anymore in their reaction.
”I do it, because its my world and my responsibility”. I don’t care anymore, what others do or don’t do … Its no time to wait for others, or organizations, or governments – for their understanding and action – we don’t have this time anymore. “My world is in a very bad condition and I have to change it”. Yes I wish many others would say this, but I don’t wait for this! Too many of us say: „Oh my God, what can I do“ – reality is: we can!


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