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Basically it must be said: The discus does not fly at the same altitude as kerosene-jets. For the discus it will be at a maximum of 7,000 m, because we need “material” for the production of the shockwave (rather a side effect) – to ride on a shockwave we need air. The flying discus has no kerosene to eject. Dodge manoeuvres and any movement manoeuvres are not only difficult, but through the gyroscopic effect “impossible” – they have to be planned (for example, when changing course) in Flight stage 4. From the point of discerning to a manoeuvre, it will take 3-4 seconds. The discus is of course manoeuvrable, but the two rotor discs must be slowed down (magnetically braked – and current is charged with the brake-generators) until there is no more shockwave and no more gyroscopic effect. Then the discus is manoeuvrable like a kerosene-jet.

The discus needs quite a very good energy management and only long-term planning (discus flies pretty fast). We are already avoiding an ascending jet (which then rises to an altitude of about 12,000 m), because other jets are scheduled to fly far around the take-off and landing zone. And even a large jet, when it is on its travel route, cant react and dodge so easily (and the pilot reaction to any manoeuvre will also take 1-2 seconds). Most dangerous is the take-off and landing area – but in this area the discus can manoeuvre like any jet-plane (because there is no shockwave and no gyroscopic effect at the discus).

So, I dont assume an evasive manoeuvres will be necessary at all – maximum at start-up and landing, but there is no shockwave in the discus and also no gyroscopic effect – so the discus is very mobile. Evasion manoeuvres are very rare in the entire aviation (except in films) because it is all planned in long term and because not a single jet can just fly straight on. All airplanes have their fixed air routes, all have to submit a flight schedule before starting and are constantly monitored (even for changing altitudes a pilot needs permission from ground control) – and this also includes the minimum distance to other aircrafts (side and height).

In the flight-stage 4 a close encounter between discus and a kerosene-jet will be completely impossible, because they move in different altitudes. The lateral minimum distance between a discus and a jet must not be greater than between two jets. And the minimum distance between a discus and another discus must also not be greater. Each discus sees another discus on its radar long time before (even they move in opposite direction each with 5 Mach) – that means for both discus: Shockwave shut down for a short time – and then continues … In the flying discus everything is going to be computer controlled – there is no joystick. It will be a change in many areas, but we can fly kerosene-free – and thanks to the shockwave much faster. It is also necessary to add that the discus has no speed-control (esspecially in flight stage 4) … the discus is getting faster and faster (without thrust, no passenger is pushed into the seat) until the rotor discs are slowed down or stopped.

Regarding batteries: In case the battery weight (at a 42 m discus approx. 600 kg) has more power-storage – because better batteries are developed –, then we will be happy: The stored energy would be sufficient (with the same weight) for more than 12 min flight time. Especially interesting is the loading and unloading speed.

PS: A special question I want to answer here: No, it is definitely not possible that someone build a discus-replica. I tell you a lot here, and I am answering a lot of questions, but I do not tell you the most essential things. This is mainly about numbers and proportions, things that cant be patented, but are essential for the discus to work at all. A discus-replica would end in a big disaster.

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