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*** “1979”
The flying discus was born
(I was born in 1960 in Linz/Austria)

*** Beginning 80.ies to mid-80.ies
– – Prototype construction/building
– – Pilot training
– – Contact with aviation industry in USA
– – Discus project restarted. In the 80.ies we were technically not able to realize this system (no mature magnetic technology and no computer systems)

*** Now 30 years later
We are technically capable: 2015 patent application

*** July 4, 2016
flying discus video online:

*** July 8, 2016
A delegation from the Asia world saw my flying discus video on Youtube and came in contact with me – lots of conversations followed. These talks/negotiations I had to stop at the end of September 2016, because the Asians wanted to ONLY BUY the flying discus idea (the patent). I tried to create a middle way with them, but they did not deviate from their purchase course (they only know: take all or nothing at all). According to their idea, I would not even be “allowed” to participate in the CAE/ CFD simulation, a flying discus animation video and a flying discus website would not exist. This is not my way! Also in the future I do not intend to ever sell the company or the patent (Chinese or Asians) – also for purpose to protect this project from any military use. The shockwave in Flight Level 4 (on which we are “riding”) can also be easily used as a weapon – No thanks! Information in this project (video and website) is very important to me – everyone should know about the flying discus, in the best case also understand the system. Information at these times means: protection of a project.

*** Promotion from Austrian government:
Beginning of September 2016, when I realized that there is no way with the Asians, I was concerned about funding (technical innovation) in Austria, but quickly I found out that this is impossible for me. For this, friends and special relations are needed in Austria (and neither am I interested nor do I want their nice handshakes). The same professors and Institutes who are inspecting a technical Innovation are receiving themselves large grants for technical innovations. An unknown Mr. Fuchs (and without a titlehas no chances to be accepted in their cycle.

*** Next steps:
The CAD simulation/construction for the discus flight system. This will take about 6 month. After 6 months of construction, “something will be visible“, the constructions will be ready (with a virtual reality one will be able to “walk” within the flying discus) and that is the foundation for the next step. That’s the way to find special sponsors for the rest of the CAE/CFD simulation (including software development). However, I do not want money from anyone (especially not from money-making-investors) – and I do not want to go begging -, but welcoming sponsorships from particular companies, which will then be my suppliers: Magnetic technology, high-caliber-computer-technology, energy management, batteries, aluminium-frames, etc.

This also has the purpose to get to know my future suppliers during the CAE/CFD (and very important: they can get familiar with this matter and the special designs for the flying discus) – this will save a lot of time so that it can proceed as seamlessly as possible after completion of the CAE/CFD study: the construction of the first ordered flying discus (42 m – 208 m Passengers).

I would like to point out that the flying discus has no relation with the conventional aviation industry. The flying discus does not have jet engines (no propellers), no wings (the entire discus itself is a single wing) and there is also no tail (the gyro effect makes the flying discus in flight very stable around the longitudinal and transverse axis) and also no landing gear. The essence of the flying discus is its very low weight – this is achieved by the many system-multifunctions: as an example, the so-called engine (the two rotor discs) is simultaneously also the supporting surface and at the same time also the protection for the passengers (in an emergency landing, the rotor discs filled up with air pistons, function like a huge bumper – a mega air cushion).

*** The completed CAE simulation
Probably the middle/end of 2018 will be the complete construction plan of the flying discus and its the foundation to get the first discus orders (the Asians will be the first) – with deposit naturally. With these deposit-payments I am building the factory/production hall and building the first 42 m flying discus. All airlines will come and order sooner or later – kerosene-free flying – there is no competition.

The time is very good for such a project: a CAE/CFD computer simulation is recognized internationally as a prototype (all this did not exist in the 80th). The first built flying discus (simultaneously the physical prototype) will take between 1-2 years. So in 2019/2020 will be the first test flights.

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