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Very often I am asked how it is possible to fly without kerosene, in addition to this: how it is possible to fly such big distance and at such high speed – and all this without jet engines. Is this a Perpetuum mobile? No! It is not like that and such thoughts are not even in my mind (and, in my view, it does not exist). With the flying discus we don´t ask as usual, how much energy we need for the planned flight distance, but we ask: how much weight of batteries (in the two opposing rotating rotor disks) are maximally possible for the weight-power-ratio. My figures and calculations are from the 80th and the CAE-calculations/simulations will determine if this is actually 25 kg per battery block (for the entire discus up to 600 kg) and whether the duration of the stored electricity actually amounts to 12 minutes or only for 10 minutes (or maybe it´s 15 min). In any case, it is a balancing act and always the most important thing is the right weight-power-ratio.

And now relax – peace – and let´s assume fresh and free the discus flies only 12 min (with the latest battery technology, maybe 20 min). And let us playfully assume we are not interested at all in more than 12 min. And now please let us be without any profit-purpose-consciousness! For me, everything has started with poetrybeautyjoy and love – and in the 80th I accepted and was happy with 12 min flight time.

The approach, the sequence and the order of things are essential. Basically everything in life has to start with purity, with poetry and joy. In order to fly the discus for 12 min (or 20 min), we absolutely need our contactlessness of the two rotor discs (to avoid any friction and a resonance catastrophe) and we need perfect balancing of our two rotor discs (it´s essential). And for this balancing, we need moving parts in the two rotor discs – of course in a controlled manner. The battery blocks themselves (guided on a magnetic rail) are best suited for these moving parts in the two rotor discs. And, of course, movement is only possible in one direction, namely towards to the outside. It would be dumb to move a heavy battery block against the centrifugal force (with a lot of effort). Balancing is only possible by permitting a total of 32 battery blocks to move in a controlled manner to the outside (by the high centrifugal force they need to move) – and we achieve this by braking them magnetically. Then it becomes a colourful round dance, where we always make sure that everything runs smoothly (flight time extension is a sugar-candy-additional-side-effect).

Only after this balancing act with my prototype succeeded (at the beginning of the 80th), the awareness came – like a gift – that this battery block braking power is generating electricity – and can be returned to the batteries for flight time extension. Just like a magnetic levitation train (our rotor discs are basically magnetic levitation trains, which drive constantly in a circle) it generates electricity when braking. In reality, our flight time extension (from 12 min to several hours) is a simple trick, a simple conversion process, a previously spent energy recovery. But all this has nothing to do with the so-called “free energy“, it´s simple physic and a lot of tricks. The approach and the order in physics and technology are focused at these times without any poetrywithout any purity and joy – just brutal yielding, always on a (stupid) search for new energy sources and solutions (with a crowbar).

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