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Why is it important to build the flying discus?

1) Because it is our planet which we have to protect. Since long we know, that this earth is about to die (the polar ice is melting very fast) – and we also know the aviation industry (as well as the entire politics) is not really interested in climate protection or in energy saving! No longer we can afford to wait for governments and companies (its one and the same) to protect our planet and to save our resources (we have only one planet). Companies and governments are not even able to protect our planet, because they are too involved in petroleum business! We common people have to do this ourselves – otherwise it will not happen (or much too late).

2) Because aviation industry is the most polluting form of transport. Airplanes are a fast and cheap means of transportation – for transporting people and goods around the world. A single four-jet-400-ton Airplane, with an average of 230 passengers, consumes 150,000 litres of kerosene on a flight from Toronto to Frankfurt! And please bear in mind (most do not know this): Airplanes fly in a very sensitive area of the atmosphere. Pollutants remain there for a particularly long time – the low temperatures act as amplifiersThe direct climatic exposure caused by the combustion of kerosene is three times as high as that of cars on the ground!

3) Because we know, air traffic has the highest growth rates (plus 5% per year) – thus kerosene consumption and environmental pollution will rise dramatically. At the same time there is no viable alternative in today’s aviation industry – nor even a serious attempt.

Thanks for your many questions

Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs

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