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In fact I don´t understand why some people cannot envision the flying discus, as if it was a deliberate “I don´t-want-to-understand”. There is no such thing as “free energy”, nor is it a “Perpetua-mobile” (not existing). We only take back (the centrifugal power) energy we invested previously (in the rotation). What matters is the moment of WHEN (in which flight stage) we get back the electricity. At the start procedure (lift, tilt and float drive) for this 2-3 min we invest a lot of power for which we get back about 70% thereafter. But exactly these 70% (taken back from the starting sequence) lasts in the relaxed flight stage 4 for about 2-3 hours. In flight stage 4 we don´t have to scoop anymore and we don´t need to lift any more – all relaxed. This is the whole trick. And the next trick is to fake a landing in flight stage 4: to get back the battery blocks (without centrifugal force), so we continue another 2-3 hours flight time. There is no magic, just simple physics and a lot of tricks. Pretending to land (while in cruise flight stage 4) is not difficult when we ride on a shockwave with 3,000 km/h (or more). This pretend landing costs us a maximum of 300 km/h air speed and 100 m flight level. We can repeat this fake landing as often as needed and theoretically we do not need to land anymore (just to load new vodka and whiskey) …

Thanks for your many questions

Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs

flying discus videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1QZlwOEJs0



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