Flying with pseudo-power

Usually, (for the most part) an aircraft consists of a fixed part (an oversized skeleton: fuselage, tail and wings) and at these turbines or propellers are attached in order to move a very heavy, sluggish and immobile part with a lot of effort (and a lot of fuel and a lot of noise). To the contrary is the discus very light and electrically operated – no kerosene, no combustion, no pollution. “Main energy suppliers” are two native side effects: the centrifugal force (also called pseudo-power) and the frictional heat. This discus flight-system is characterized in that it is a closed system (a circulation as in nature) – no wings, no tail and no engines are bolted to a rigid hull. That which can be seen from the outside is the movement and the motion itself. The entire aircraft itself is Wings, tail unit, drive, energy storage and recovery. Usually in the aeronautics there are many annoying side effects like heat generation or drag coefficients, which are eradicated and fought with high efforts. This discusflight system is characterized in that there are no annoying side effects that need to be reduced or controlled. It is a self-contained system where all the side effects are valuable, even are essential system components (a symbiosis as in nature – everyone could watch). The principle of this new technique is to always ask the question: “How can we, what emerges disturbing optimally use (usually referred to as a problem) for the system?”
All this is no foolishness and no fantasy, it is no game and no joke, and it also has nothing to do with UFO’s or aliens, and certainly nothing to do with esoteric. The discus is pure physic and its principle is: Using instead eradicating. Most definitely, the discus will be built and it will fly (it works exactly as described). The next step will be a CAE computer simulation (which is going to be the virtual prototype) and afterwards building of the physical prototype. Here on this platform, I will inform you about all the steps of developments (all free of charge), every little detail I will describe to you …

I do not collect donations, seeking no investors or partners, and I do not look for recognition or approval. The flying discus does not participate in any competition, and I will not sell the patent. The flying discus is completely independent – I must not be elected for any office, and I also can´t lose any job or title. The sole purpose of my platform serves for information on the flying discus (a complete new technology) and for preparation to see the discus flying in the sky … silently without polluting our planet …

Your question is very welcome, I will try to answer everything
Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs

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