This is my private information-platform about my flying discus , a project from the year 1979 – now a internationally patent. Here, I will not write a novel, because it’s all very simple. You can ask about the flying discus any questions, and I will try to answer (mainly on technical matters).  I am liable for all my pictures, films and texts.

My “flying discus” site has not the purpose to collect donations, and not to find investors. I am not looking for a business partner, also I am not selling anything here. This website is only to inform, to educate, to build awareness, to answer your questions (in best case for everyone to understand the flying discus) … and I will inform you about all technical developments and construction of the flying discus.

All my pictures and texts are of myself and my creation (I am the author, and patent holder) and you may copy all for your personal/private use as often as you want – no secrets. N obody needs to try finding out secret information´s about my invention (the flying  discus) – all technical information´s about the flying discus I provide voluntary and free of charge for all .

But the information´s about the flying discus is naturally no sign to give permit for building such discus, or to make use of my images, films or texts for commercial purposes. Without my consent nothing is possible.
I am honest and please also just be mature and honest. Everything here shall be  done with respect and based on generally applicable laws.

Enjoy my site and for questions just write me an email. …..
Heart-felt greetings from Salzburg, Austria

Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs
Born, 20th July 1960 in Linz, Austria

Resident in Salzburg, Austria (this is also the place of jurisdiction)

info [at]
rainer-fuchs (at)

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