The Wind God

Both of the two counter-rotating rotor discs of a 42 meters diameter discus – for 208 passengers in Business Class style (as shown on the video, the minimum size for passenger transport) – in oil-sardine-style (which will not be in the flying discus) would accommodate 352 passengers – are equipped with a total of 32 battery blocks, each about 50 kg and also batteries of about 12 kg weight. These batteries last for a flight time of about 12 minutes – they are installed on magnetic rails and during flight cruise, at about 800 rev/min each of these 50 kg battery blocks weigh around 150 tones flyweight in the innermost radius – and each of these 12 kg battery blocks (in the outer distant region) also weigh of around 150 tones flyweight (these are many Newton´s). These battery blocks will naturally press to the outside – they may do so (and the same time as a side effect they are doing their Job for the perfect balance of the rotor discs) – moving at an average of 50 centimetres per hour -, but similar to a magnetic levitation (maglev), the battery blocks getting slowed down magnetically. Exactly this battery-block-braking motion generates electricity for flight time extension up to 10 hours (also after 1 hour flight time: 12 minutes – even after 3 hours flight time: We have power for 12 minutes flight).
In cruise flight at 800 rev/min, the edge tip speed of the two rotor discs generate (around 6.500 km/h at the edge of the tips) a shock wave – whereof the discus will “ride”, increasing speed by itself. Thereby we travel much faster and silently than conventional thrust-planes. At the same time as inventor and patent holder, this shock wave of the discus is one of the reasons why I shall prevent any military use (the discus could be used for great destruction if in the wrong hands).
As we well know from the past, many inventions and patents had been “bought off”, were forgotten and hidden in a drawer (very often also the inventor was “gone”) – and withheld from the public view. Since long ago, some diseases we would no longer have, and for a long time now, we would not have to pollute this planet anymore. All these acts will not be done with the flying discus. Everyone should know about, all should understand the principle, and all shall be able to fly with the discus – a new era has dawned: thrust-free – jetpropulsion-free – kerosene-free – noise-free – investor-free – promotion-free – politician-free. Now it’s our turn, the general population – a politician, I will not even shake hands (clearly and long enough they have proven they are not at the slightest concerned for the protection of this our planet).
Especially during cruise phase the gyroscopic effect of the discus grants an absolutely stable and peaceful flight. Not even a storm is capable of changing the position of the discus, during cruise – thus tilting or flipping the discus is completely impossible (a gyroscope does not change its position). We can even fly through major storms or even through hurricanes – and as a side effect the connection to the medium (the 26°C ocean) interrupted with a “loud scream”, like cutting with a knife – the Hurricane (the Mayas called him the “Wind God”) will be dissolved with a powerful discus-hypersonic-shock-wave-storm.
Wolfgang Rainer Fuchs, Austria


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